Wednesday, December 25, 2013

JDBIF launchs the Jdbif Forecasts Service

Check it out:
Jdbif Forecasts Service

DVC lost half of value after hiting 2nd JDBIF target. Another precise prediction showing again the accuracy of our algorithm.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

DVC hits 1st JDBIF target at 0.0000 0150. Some pullback expected on this area. Shares rebuys program to raise shares value activated. Dividends will be raised on Monday, 16 2013.

DVC hits 1st JDBIF target at 0.0000 0150. Some pullback is expected on this area. Shares rebuys program to raise shares value activated. Dividends will be raised on Monday, 16 2013.

Friday, December 13, 2013

DVC disrupts 0.0000 0100 and the DVC trade(2nd JDBIF wave) hits 500% profit right now. Check the chart here.

DVC disrupts 0.0000 0100 and the DVC trade (2nd JDBIF wave)
hits 500% profit right now.

The JDBIF shares value(3rd JDBIF wave)
started to reflect the sucess of our trades and algorithm predictions.
Check out the month period chart:

Monday, December 9, 2013


JDBIF algorithm recognize the continuation of the up trend pattern on BTC charts.
So, JDBIF is back operating again at 1Broker at full force, and dividends will be resumed soon.
Our initial position:

And after 04 minutes:

And after 10 minutes:

And after 15 minutes:

Friday, December 6, 2013

ALERT *** MtGox Engine overloaded from the last 15 minutes

MtGox Engine is clearly overloaded from the last 15 minutes:

We are watching a big collision between buy and sell orders pre-configured to this price range. Maybe MtGox halt for a bit seeking a breath.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

BTC raise to US$ 1800 can happen this week !!! *** ALERT


BTC raise to US$ 1800 can happen this week !!!

BTC stills going up after a pullback at US$ 850 correctly predicted by JDBIF.
Now, BTC should go to the target, but some turbulence on the path is expected.
The book are weak at both sides, and this makes huge variations easier.

The target for the JDBIF trade is US$ 1800,00, but spikes to US$ 2200,00 can happen or even much more due to market conditions.

Stay tuned!


JDBIF predicted pullback correctly at cryptostocks news!!!

JDBIF detected a possible pullback on BTC charts, from US$ 1200(actual) to US$ 875(projection). Target remains US$ 1800 with US$ 2200 spike.
Pullback happened just on next hour, and hit US$ 850, before vary fast recovering, showing strengh to next target.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Answering a shareholder

Hi, Help me understand why you diluted the stockholders shares and prices are down? Now you have increased the amount of shares by 200%, and price is cut by 1/10. Do you understand why this is bad for everyone?
Dear Costumer, We sure understand what stockholders want, and we appreciate your trust on our project at this point, since we still receiving investments for our big trade plan idea. Soon the fund will be closed and probably the results in dividends will throw the shares price to the top, but things happens at the right moment.
To make this began, JDBIF did an entry point first. Lowering the entry point, raising the final profit. For everyone.
The shares are offered at this price to provide an excelent entry point to our big new investor and partner. The offering is public so everyone can invest at the same price as them.
We will raise back the shares value to more than the original price to magnify profits for everyone, we always stated very clear that JDBIF is a long run term investment.
If you doesn't have urgency to sell your btcs, relax and stay cool, you seated at the biggest rocket ever made with a financial fund. Patience will be rewarded and time will tell the truth.
Waves we will surf exponentialy (reinvesting profits on next wave):
1st wave ----> BTC raise predicted at US$ 150,00 target US$ 1800,00 [we surfing this one right now] (+1200%)
2nd wave ----> DVC at 0.0000 0020 is going to 0.0000 0600 or more. (+30000%)
3rd wave -----> JDBIF shares will raise from 0.00002 to at least 0.1 BTC/share. (+5000000%)

You have the total % profit multipling the 3 waves values.

Thats our business plan for 2014.
Dividends are restablished and raising when possible.

If you have any other doubts about JDBIF, feel free to ask our team.
Best Regards, Thanks for Investing with Us.

Monday, November 11, 2013

After JDBIF hiting the timing on BTC market, Hong Kong officially invest with us.

After a hard week of endless negotiations, and BTC price confirmations, JDBIF and FHKG finally celebrates the most new joint venture on the BTC market.
All details now are ready and a new release of JDBIF shares is released.

Now, everyone can invest at the same price of our partners, and enjoy the benefits at the same level with them. Run for the BTC bunchs, early investors get better prices as usual, but now its the last release for next 365 days, it is part of the contract.
So don't miss this last chance of investing on a 3rd degree exponential wave with the most agreesive and profitable trader team of the BTC market: The JokerDragon Team.
JDBIF have 2.000.000 shares issued (*20% of Total Shares). 262.000 are on market already. New bunch is 1.000.000. 500.000 shares, 0.000020 is the cheaper price. The 300.000, at 0.00050. And 150.000, at 0.00070. Last 50.000, at 0.00100. Enjoy.

*JDBIF is forbidden to release new shares on next 365 days.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

BTC price abouts to rocket up to 1800,00 US$

BTC price abouts to rocket up to 1800,00 US$

Looking at the chart we saw BTC price doing the classic pre-pullback of a strong upside movemnt.
The target for this movement is US$ 1800,00 on the end of the wave 3. The wave 3 is the most classical movement of technical analisys on the market. It is considered to be the most safe wave to "surf" expecting good profits. JDBIF is not even full positioned to "surf" this way, but also to "surf" it exponentially, holding a big bunch of DVCs coins which will also multiple in BTC value.  Also note the small bollinger bands also predicting a big movement coming up.
JDBIF - Your best opportunity on the BTC market now. Growing huge with safety.

See below, how this movement already began on DVC value and also how this is predicting the arise of BTC value in US$.

DVC value is rocketing to the moon!!!

DVC value is rocketing to the moon after finding the low value of 0.0000 0033 few weeks ago.

The upsides possibilities is near infinite.

For example, if DVC gets to 0.0001 the upside will be more than 30.000%.

JDBIF is full positioned on the DVC market and our algorithm confirms everyday the move we did giving us a initial target on 0.0000 2500 to DVC value very soon.

Let's keep watching our big trade very carefully.
The initial shot already happened, now it is time to fly higher.
The historical top is 0.0000 0600.

Note the BTC price did the same pre-pullback patterns some days ago.

JDBIF - Your best opportunity on the BTC market now. Growing huge with safety.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

JDBIF has initiated negotiation with a Hong Kong Financial Group to capitalize the fund. Any new steps about this negotiation will be informed to the market as soon as possible.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Long Term Trade 1.0 - JDBIF rebuys max 50.000 shares until 2014

JDBIF made several studies to enter this 1st long term trade.

JDBIF now holds a strong position on DVC coins.

 JDBIF expects to see shares value attached to DVC value and right now we have buy orders covered all the region 0.0000 0020 - 0.0000 0050 at DVC order book, and no better profit can be achieved until 2014 on any other investment according our final results on chart studies. DVC coin have a historical top on 0.0000 0600 BTCs what its more than 12 x the actual value of 0.0000 0048 (check actual value on Vircurex).
This DVC position is expected to profit up to 1000% until this same date on 2014.  This will happen at same time BTC price will hit more than US$1.000. Precise targets will be soon released here.

10 BTC was left on 1broker to trade currency pairs as usual.

1 BTC sporadic dividens and a max of 50.000 shares rebuys to increase value to our shareholders are schedule for this year and next.
Also the frequency of dividends payments and shares rebuys will also influence the JDBIF shares value and we will continue to do our best to make it as frequent as possible.

Check now the BTC up trend on the week chart, and our trades:

Even with the drop from US$ 250 to US$ 50 BTC price never lost the uptrend status on weekly period.

Check our last trades on this 2 weeks:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We have seen a huge buzz around Bitcoin on last years. But no one is sure if Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency for a global use.
Many others alternative cryptocurrencys are around fighting with Bitcoin for a place on the sun. Interesting to note, when Bitcoin raise huge, other coins raise too. The most possible cause is the sucess of cryptocurrencys being measured on overall. Instead of people seeling alternative crytpocoins to get the best Bitcoin/USD value, people look at this alternative coins as a real option to Bitcoin at long term.
One of the most proeminent alternativa cryptocoins is Devcoin (DVC). It is negotiate at and with 1 BTC any one can buy 2 millions of DVC today. (20/07/2013). It have a nice idea behind the coin, it rewards developers and also film producers engaged with the coin. So JDBIF moved near "all in" into DVC on last months. The price is 10x times lower from the historical top, and we expected to profit huge for all our shareholders with our first long-term trade. This position will be with us at least for one year, and our expectations are not low for this trade.
We also understand the JDBIF shares value will be a bit attached to DVC value from now. Our algorithm points to a strong upside on BTC price (+US$1.000) so we found this long term trade is the best way to profit this next movement.
We left 1BTC at 1broker trading currency pairs (EUR,JPN,CHF, etc..) and sporadic 1BTC dividends are expected at every good trade JDBIF does.
Invest with JDBIF and raise your BTCs bankroll with the best opportunities on market.

Trade Report 11.0

Spetacular Trade at EUR/USD last week:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trade Report 10.0

4 Simultaneous Trades: USD/JPN, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBR/USD.
1.6 BTC x 200 leverage each one:

Good result on JPN/USD. Trades stills open. Note the stop profit adjusts comparing the pictures.

Trade Report 9.0

Long EUR/USD +11% 0.25 BTC
Short USD/CHF +25% 0.5 BTC

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trade Report 8.0

Fast Trade at JPY/USD1Minute and a Half with 2 BTC X 200 : 18% profit 0.36 BTC:

Trade Report 7.0

JDBIF opening a Sell Position at JPN/USD 1 BTC x 200 leverage:

3 minutes after:

Trade Report 6.0

JDBIF opened a set of trades at nearly all currencys and commodities.
Check it out: 1 BTC each one (max leverage)

Impressive results in minutes!
All trades closed in less than 10 minutes with 20-60% profit except one stop loss hit.

Trade Report 5.0

BTC price found resistance at US$ 110 level.
JDBIF opened a sell position of 6.64 BTC x 5 leverage:

Position is profiting quickly:

This is where our stop profit trigger get activated. Total profit on this trade: 1.36 BTC (+20.48%)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trade Report 04.0

Opening Long Position at BTC/US$ Market
Last charts suggests a upmovement coming in many indicators, and we should test the 97 - 100 resistance range again, probably with a false disrupt to up to US$ 100, where we gonna invert our position, if things goes this way.
(BTC Average Markets Chart)

BBs still thin, so movement is expected. The EMAs are the supports now:

Opening Position:


JDBIF - Joker Dragon BTC Investment Fund

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