Saturday, October 12, 2013

DVC value is rocketing to the moon!!!

DVC value is rocketing to the moon after finding the low value of 0.0000 0033 few weeks ago.

The upsides possibilities is near infinite.

For example, if DVC gets to 0.0001 the upside will be more than 30.000%.

JDBIF is full positioned on the DVC market and our algorithm confirms everyday the move we did giving us a initial target on 0.0000 2500 to DVC value very soon.

Let's keep watching our big trade very carefully.
The initial shot already happened, now it is time to fly higher.
The historical top is 0.0000 0600.

Note the BTC price did the same pre-pullback patterns some days ago.

JDBIF - Your best opportunity on the BTC market now. Growing huge with safety.

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