Monday, April 29, 2013

We got e-mails with doubts, so explaining: "You are not obliged to sell/buy JDBIF, this is up to your needs. We are raising in 600% the JDBIF shares value until 1st July, and then paying at least 5% dividends."

Last days!

Last days to buy JDBIF at 0.0050 - 0.0150 range. A sell order from us with 10.000 shares is at 0.0150. An Investor Angel will buy all remaining shares until 0.0150. On May range is 0.0150 - 0.0220. On June is 0.0220 - 0.0300. On July is 0.0300 - free. Plan according. Good business.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

JD 7.7 Algorithm strikes again with 99.99% accuracy!

JD 7.7 Algorithm strikes again with 99.99% accuracy!
UTC time is 8:48 PM 25 April 2013.

BTC Price executed pullback at US$ 120.10 exactly as predicted, with 99.99167% accuracy (JDBIF predicted pullback at US$ 120.00 yesterday), showing again how powerfull and precise JD 7.7 algorithm it is now. Let's keep following!

Invest with us and relax!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

JDBIF Algorithm prediction - April 25

JDBIF algorithm predicts for right now, Current UTC time is: Thursday, April 25, 2013 MtGox Price now is: US$ 154.98 (even with some pullbacks at US$120 limit) a strong raise until US$ 200-210 range where we should see some strong pullbacks again. Trend is def going up.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New investors coming from Chile, Ireland, Croatia and Vietnam ! Welcome to JDBIF !
Full list of investors now is:

On AMERICA: United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

On EUROPE: Germany, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Czeck Republic, Russia, Croatia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Letonia, Austria, Turkey, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

On ASIA: China (Hong Kong), Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Israel.

On AFRICA: South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt and Angola.

On OCEANIA: Australia and New Zeland.

Bitcoin is not from a country, it is worldwide!
JDBIF. Where your BTC grows in peace.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Time is now !

Last week coming for buy/sell JDBIF shares/options at the 0.005-0.015 price range. At May 1st, next price range will be: 0.015-0.022 per share. JDBIF will re buy any remaining share on old range. Plan your investment/trades according.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Newest BTC Price Prediction

Right now, BTC is US$ 92.94 (MtGox). JDBIF algorithm points to a US$100 rupture. Let's keep watching !

Update: Right now BTC is US$ 102 (MtGox). Point to JDBIF again !

Update 2: US$ 121.
Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Lithuania and Switzerland BTC Investors, welcome!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally Gold turned into profit zone.

Finally our gold trade position went into profit zone.
Again, if JDBIF show us what usually does,
this 0.01 BTC invested here will be one of our happiest trades.

JDBIF predicted BTC bottom price with time/value precision!

See how JDBIF predicted the US$50 bottom with 99.98% accuracy.
It pointed out US$50.00 and it hit US$ 50.01. A nice buy to who looked up for this info with us.
Check the veracity and when it was posted (3 days before the bottom hit) at:
Watch out the trollers !-)
More good trades at JDBIF.
That 0.01 BTC "loser" position at gold stills there, and we expect to carry on for a long time with a big profit.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Now we also have new investors from Japan, Nigeria, Russia, Australia, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Belarus, Malaysia and Austria. Welcome to JDBIF !
A good week start.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where to buy our shares:

Where to buy our options:

Crucial moment for BTC price. Strong movement coming in. If we going down and lost 100US$ support, we gonna see 50US$ price. If we going up, 250US$ is our target as showed on chart. Probability now is 60% up X 40% down.

Friday, April 12, 2013

We have new investors from Netherlands, Canada, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Letonia, Slovakia and Denmark, Argentina, Luxembourg, Spain, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Venezuela, Switzerland and Czeck Republic.
Welcome to JDBIF!
Where your BTCs grows in peace.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I hope this info helps some one.
    Today BTC just droped more than 50% on only 6 hours as you can see on this chart. Many people now are in panic, selling their investments without any rational thinking or any tool to conduct them to a best decision. Here at JDBIF, we are so impressed with the algorithm power and predicitions. So we wanna share the last short term prediction from JDBIF 7.7. Remember, nothing is unfailable, but right now, BTC is 175, and JDIBF predicts a full regeneration to 250 US$ level, very very soon. You can check the date and time of this post, and tell me if JDBIF can help you to invest better. Don't fight with Mt.Gox. Invest with us and relax. JDBIF, the best algorithm on BTC market.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

JDBIF is a BTC Investment Fund. Our algorithm works full-time to bring you the best returns in BTCs.  Stocks Market JDBIF Info JDBIF Order Book Crypto::Stocks Options Page

Sunday, April 7, 2013

JDIBF Business Plan 2013*

*(any doubts read F.A.Q.: Item 7.0; or contact us by e-mail: Item 5.1)
to buy shares or options open links : (JDBIF shares order book or ttps://
We are very proud to announce:

1)  The first stage of JDBIF © was a strong success.

The JDBIF(©) algorithm proved its value and the hold sign we got when BTC was at 10US$ lead us to a leadership on BTC investments. (the veracity of this information can be confirmed with "Teppy" on bitcointalk forums, a well trusted member there.)
Our BTCs clients are safe (Fig 2.1; 2.2; Full Transparency) and not a single  BTC was sell by a mistake or euphoria, that's why we didn't hold any buyback orders at this time(protecting our investors).
By email we got only 1(one) request to sell shares, what shows ours costumers confidence with our trade style.
Due to market conditions, the initial phase took 9 months against the initial 6 months we predicted.

Now JDBIF © is getting into second phase and we have very nice news to our current and new shareholders.

2) JDBIF © 7.7 

Our second phase demanded months of strong study of many market conditions and risk/benefit charts what will be resumed below:

2.1) New Markets

When BTC started to raise up, and our algorithm was not showing any sell opportunities, we start to seek another market to trade.
We found 3 trusted sites to trade as following:

2.1.1) Vircurex © (Virtual Currency Exchange) / : Vircurex is the main trade site to exchange most of the alternate crypto-coins
as DVCs(Devcoins), LTCs(Litecoins), TRCs(TerraCoins), NMCs(Namecoins), SCs(Solidcoins).
We currently hold position on all this coins.

2.1.2) 1broker © / 1broker© is a trade site where you can trade currency pairs (also know as FOREX), as JPN/USD, GBP/USD, CHF/USD, EUR/USD.
Also you can trade stocks on USA market, as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Gold and silver commodities trade also supported. 1broker© offers nice leverage levels,
and can trade on long or short positions.

2.1.3) Crypto::Stocks © / : CryptoStocks© is the house of JDBIF (c) and many others good projects are currently listed there.
We are currently holding some VCX(Vircurex©) shares with good profit there too.

2.2) Opportunities:

2.2.1) Vircurex©: Beyond the possibilities of buying/sell alternate crypto-coins, Vircurex© also have an unexplored world: the stock options.
The structure is ready to run, but nobody started yet. Currency options is also called a derivative market, and allow hedge and speculative positions, leading to very high profits (and losses too, of course).
JDBIF© is starting to breath life into this section, offering options on DVCs, LTCs, TRCs, NMCs, and SCs.
If you don't know options yet, I advise you to read something about it on this wiki link: ; also the origin of options is very interesting:

2.2.2) 1broker©: We found on 1broker© a strong partner and a new world of opportunities. With 200x leverage on currency pairs, 1broker© allows JDBIF© to get strong profits without big risks.
We currently focusing on currency pairs, but we have trades with stocks and commodities too there.

2.2.3) Crypto::Stocks© : As vircurex, CryptoStocks© have an options structure ready to run, but stills without trades there.
So we breathing life into this section there too, what will be a strategic move on this second phase of our investment fund, as described on item 4.x

3) Investments, results, risks and risk mitigation

3.1) Results

As any investment, JDBIF (©) is a risk investment and first phase was a test to build a strong product to market.
(as well pointed on initial text: "we gonna use/test this algorithm for more 6 months, until we have 200% guarantee it works very well, to consider the product ready for market.".) 
So first of all we want to thanks all our early adopters, and we gonna reiterate our compromise with a strong profit to all our shareholders.
We expected a 20% return per month, and we produced a total of 67.95518336 BTC payed through dividends to our shareholders since JDBIF was born, what means a total 65% return tax.
Since October 2012, BTC market conditions changed, and our algorithm stop trading, pointing to hold BTCs as the most profit action to be taken. So we did this way,
holding BTCs to avoid bad sell from our shareholders. This strategy now proved to be correct and to prize our algorithm. We proud of a very good work.

3.2) Business Actions

To raise to new level where JDBIF© trade at many markets at same time (24/7 at BTC/USD and 24/5 at currency pairs and stocks/commodities)
and pay constant dividends whatever market conditions appear, we took the following decisions:

3.2.1) Hiring

We hired two new professionals to our JDBIF © Team: a full time programmer, which developed the actual 7.7 JDBIF (©) algorithm to trade not only with BTCs,
but with currency pairs, stocks, commodities and options. Also, we payed a video freelancer with 15 BTCs (BTC value was at 49us$ at that time) to produce our new video ad
to achieve the proposals of items 3.2.2 and 3.2.3, as follows. This was crucial to obtain the ingress of Investor Angels into the project, and again proved to be the right decision.
This freelancer designer is also developing a final logo and some ad banners to JDBIF©(all included on his payment) with deliver date to the end of June 2013.

3.2.2) Raising capital, share value, and prospecting Investor Angels:

Today JDBIF© have near 20.000 shares with our shareholders.
This gives JDBIF© a market value of 100 BTCs at the current share price of 0.005. Instead of paying dividends, on this transition phase, JDBIF (c) will re buy shares, with the profits and with the cooperation of 3 new Investor Angels, who will drop in JDBIF the amount of 250 BTCs each one. To protect them we can not reveal identities, but all 3 are strong and successful BTC owners business leaders in some different areas. This new partners was fruit of intense prospecting and marketing efforts along this months and we are very glad that we found them. This again, endorses our confidence on the market.
The second phase will raise JDBIF© capital to near 1000 BTCs (850 BTCs to be exact), considering initial price offering here.
To supply this demand we are offering new bunches of JDBIF© shares what will lead us to 100.000 shares at the end of the transition to second phase, at July 2013, releasing 80.000 new shares to investors.
The share value at the end of this process will be 0.03 what means a 600% raise face the current share value of 0.005, so on this way, we attend old early adopters and new investors too. If you are an early adopter and wanna keep it up with us, we advice to doesn't sell shares at least on initial phases, but this decision its up to each shareholder.
This process will be conducted in the following ways: Re buying shares*:

(all values in BTCs)
April 2013 : Shares price can float on the 0.005 - 0.015 range. We gonna slowly rebuild all shares on this range.
May 2013 : Shares price can float on the 0.015 - 0.022 range. We gonna slowly rebuild all shares on this range.
June 2013: Shares price can float on the 0.022 - 0.030 range. We gonna slowly rebuild all shares on this range.
July 2013: We start to pay dividends again at the following rate: 5% guarantee profit plus additional profits. We must say here we are expecting to pay more than 20% since the opportunities and tests with the JDBIF 7.7 (©) algorithm proved to be really good at making this level profits.(Fig 1.2 - Profitability) But since we faced many scam/ponzi accusations(see item 3.3), we are now ensuring "just" 5% per month, to clean up our business image, what is really important to us and to our shareholders good sleep. The reports about how much the extra profit it is making for our shareholders will come every month. Selling new shares: The new four(4x) 20.000 shares bunches will be released one per month, as following
April 2013: 10.000 at 0.015 share price. 10.000 options will be offered through the options panel on cryptostocks at 0.012 value (options can be converted to shares later).
May 2013: 10.000 at 0.022 share price. 10.000 options will be offered through the options panel on cryptostocks at 0.018 value.
June 2013: 10.000 at 0.03 share price. 10.000 options will be offered through the options panel on cryptostocks with a 0.027 value.
July 2013: 10.000 at 0.04 share price. (later adopters) 10.000 options will be offered through the options panel on cryptostocks at 0.035 value.

3.2.3) Selling shares/options: The Investor Angels will act only on the end of month, getting what market leaved to them (this is a clause of our contract), while JDBIF© re buy shares raising shares price value.
It is really important to point here, that buying an option is a strong opportunity, since options raise exponentially when shares price raise.
On this 3 months transition phase, you can invest either buying options or shares of JDBIF©, but if you buy options you can execute(convert) them later, getting shares of JDBIF© at an old price.

3.2.4) Extra demand: If shares/options gets sold too fast, through requisition on our email : , we can supply to a new smaller investor angel, near 15.000 shares/options to fit this demand. E-mail us if this is your case.

3.3) Scam accusation: We have being accused to be a Scam/Ponzi Fund, what is really not nice and definitly not the truth. You can check this lie on
and we are not afraid of it, since market is not accustomed with 20% profit rate per month. We are in contact to remove this accusations with the site and also with some bitcoin forums who obviously don't wanna to see JDBIF© strong as it is.

3.4) Services Risks: We have seen only once vircurex© being down, 1broker© and Crypto::Stocks© never went down. MtGox© is a bit unstable, but with good internet connections (we got a new better ISP this days) this risks are under control in our view.

4.0) Transparency, new business and expectations:

4.1) We are showing publicly on our site some of our positions. We was expecting to full show our trade positions at all currencies, but this is a risk, since this data holds info from our JDBIF© algorithm decisions.
So we gonna report constantly some of our positions, avoiding to publicly expose all our positions. Instead of this, we are going to:

4.2) Forecast BTC price offering: We are planning to offer a new service, based on our JDBIF algorithm:
a BTC price prediction, including entry and get profit points to our shareholders and to traders who wanna pay for it.
This business will be considered under cryptostock election to see if our shareholders agree with this kind of business. Also new business opportunities is under study for the future.

4.3) We expect to pay out after June 2013 a 15% average return to our shareholders (5% guaranted, plus profit rate), but we truly expect to pay more than this.
This tax wil float influenced by the trade results. Before this, all profits we have its going to be redirect to re buying and raising shares values (from 0.005 to 0.03). After this, the plan is to pay dividends plus raise shares value. The reports about how much this extra profit rate it is at will come monthly.

4.4) Our forecasts points to a minimum share value of 0.05 at the end of 2013, even paying 5% dividends every month.

4.5) We are studying a last 3rd phase to 2014, when we can release more 800.000 shares completing 1.000.000 shares (current limit on cryptostocks).

5) Communication

5.1) We have a clear and open communication channel through the email:
If you have any suggestions, critical, comments, send us them!
Your opinion and ideas are very valuable to us. Keep in touch !

6) Disclosure

6.1) Operating a virtual currency trading platform incurs the risks of: double spend attacks on weak virtual currencies, legal actions by governments against our service offering
or the continuation of the virtual currency networks (blockchains).

6.2)The JDBIF© are not registered as securities or considered securities in any jurisdiction around the world.

6.3) All trades are made in crypto-coins (bitcoins, devcoins, litecoins, namecoins, solidcoins, terracoins and others.)

6.4) No action can be taken against JDBIF© to reimburse at in any country or jurisdiction where action for that purpose is required.

6.5) The JDBIF© shares may only be offered for sale or sold on cryptostocks market.
No business, or any other person, its allowed to purchase, offer, sell, distribute or deliver JDBIF© shares, except those shares/options hosted on cryptostocks.

6.6) In the case of a collapse of BTC JDBIF will attempt to proportionally disburse profit in US$ or in a cryptocurrency active at the moment.

6.7) We strong advice that you have a financial consulting service to help you to choose the best investment and risk management for your portfolio.

6.8) JDBIF© is a financial product of JD Enterprise Inc. ©

7) F.A.Q

Q: I never heard about JDBIF. What it is and when it began?

JDBIF: JDBIF is a BTC Investment Fund. JokerDragon(c) is the name of our algorithm. It was born on July 2012 and rewards shareholders with the profit of trades on BTC at MtGox, Vircurex and BTC-e.
Today JDBIF is trading many others currencies (FOREX), shares (U.S.A. market) and commodities(Gold/Silver).
We currently have investors from United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Brazil, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Netherlands, Austria,  Slovakia, France, Japan, Belarus, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden.

Q: I wanna invest with BTCs too, I can do my own trades. Why should I choose JDBIF against going on my own way?

JDBIF: Trading at any market its not a simple activity, and if you try once, you will probably know what we are talking about. It can lead to losses very easy.
JDBIF counts on JokerDragon Algorithm (©), actually at version 7.7.
It is fruit of years of research and mathematical investigation on many markets, and it is conducted by a experienced team of traders. For an example, our JD Algorithm (©) predicted this big raise when BTC
was at 10US$. This information can be checked with Teppy (on bitcointalk forums) also called "Di", the owner of Dragon's Tale©, a successful casino business with BTC coins.
Also, since we move huge volumes, we pay lower taxs to trade, specially at Mt.Gox©. (Fig 2.2)

Q: JDBIF payed full dividends until October 2012, then dividends dropped to a low value. Why this happened?

JDBIF: We got confronted with a tricky situation. On October 2012, Our algorithm made successful trades at BTC/USD pair until this date, but then JokerDragon Algorithm(c) pointed to simple hold as the best action to profit. So we hold all BTCs of our shareholders with safe, avoiding mistakes (as a sell at US$ 49, for example)

Q: So why I don't see dividends coming now? And why share prices got down too?

JDBIF: When BTC reach the next peak (it didn't yet), we gonna face another tricky situation: We gonna sell BTCs and be holding US$, and dividends can be payed only in BTCs.
So we must wait the next big drop to buy BTCs and pay the dividends. Instead of this, to give our shareholders the best profit, as soon as we can, we developed and started the second phase of our Fund.
The answer to the second question is: some people started to trade the shares at a low value, and we can't forbid this, but now maybe it's not the best time to do this.
We now advice to hold shares, if you do not need the money for an urgent use.

Q: What is this second phase about it?

JDBIF©: JDBIF© found many others ways to keep profiting, while BTC price raises up. So we found 3 Investor Angels to secure our transition to second phase.
We gonna "slowly" raise shares price to 0.03 at the end of June 2013.
We are now trading at©, and vircurex© with currency pairs(FOREX), stocks shares (U.S.A Market: Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google), and commodities(Gold and Silver).
We are using both long and short positions, with nice leverage levels. We also trade alternate cryptocoins at© and btc-e©.
We are also breathing life into the options tab at cryptostocks, and vircurex. Check it out !

Q: So how much I can expect to win with JDBIF?

JDBIF©: JDBIF© now is offering a 5% guaranteed tax plus a variable return per profit tax (what we expect to be up to 10%) per month.

Q: So JDBIF it is paying dividends again?

JDBIF: Yes, but not in this transition phase. At the next 3 months, all profits will be redirected to raise shares value, from actual 0.005 to 0.03 at end of June 2013.
After this, dividends will be payed normally. And raising shares value should continue too.

Q: So how I can invest in JDBIF© now?

JDBIF©: You can buy JDBIF© shares on cryptostocks (JDBIF shares order book), or you can buy options( to redeem them into shares later (or sell the options, for quick profit).
All lasting options/shares will be acquired by our 3 new Investor Angels, who is giving security to this transition phase of JDBIF©.

Q: Ok, I got some shares/options. What is your advice to me now?

JDBIF©: If you got your shares/options quickly is better for you. We advice to hold shares, and to convert options into shares, since our investment plan is a long run profit for all our shareholders.

Q: I am a big investor(100BTC+) and I wanna buy a nice bunch of JDBIF© shares. There are some special conditions for me?

JDBIF©: For sure. Email our JDBIF© Team through the email: and we have place for only one more last Investor Angel. Sooner you get, better the price you got it.

Q: I made some BTCs trading with JDBIF© shares and/or with my dividends, and I wanna donate some BTCs back to you, since without JDBIF© I will have not reach this bankroll level. Where should I send them?

JDBIF©: Wow, that's really nice! You can make your donation ato1LSA14xPXFECofKFPyDMA7jfPJp7RnHCd1 and we really thanks you for this.

Invest with the best, invest with security, invest with BTCs. Invest with JDBIF©.
Your best business partner.






JDBIF - Joker Dragon BTC Investment Fund

An agressive investor team and their BTC trading system offer to the world. Reach us at: