Tuesday, May 21, 2013

JDBIF is paying dividends right now!

After a week of intense negotiation, our Investor Angels declined to invest at JDBIF since we had a contractual clause about security, and after the recent hacker attack at Vircurex and CryptoStocks, they choosed to wait a bit more before investing.

The good news coming from this is: there is no reason to JDBIF delay the payment of dividends any more to our current shareholders.

So, two months before we expected, we starting to pay dividens again at the rate of 0.4 BTC per day, avoiding the problem we had on first phase, about people buying shares just on last days to get the full month dividend.

At the moment JDBIF have 33589 shares at the value of 0.0045 BTC each one, giving the fund a total value of 151.15 BTC.

We gonna pay 0.4 BTC per day, which means 12 BTC per month.

This rate will be around 8% return per month to our investors. (7.939% to be exact), 3% up from our initial expectative of 5%.

ATTENTION OPTIONS OWNERS: The options on CryptoStocks doesn't gives the rights to receive dividends, so you must convert your options into shares to receive them.

The shares price is now up to the market, and will be no public shares releases any more from JDBIF, except for the options currently offered at options tab. The sell order of 10.000 shares at 0.0150 has been removed.

Best regards,

JDBIF - Where your BTCs grow in peace.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Online again

We finally manage to reach cryptostocks site again. After this unstability, we are seeking a new place to hold our shares. Until this happens, the raise on JDBIF shares is starting on again.

By the way, our last prediction pointed down, and gave a -20% drop on BTC price followed by a quickly recover to US$ 120,00 level.
We still facing cryptostocks offline yet.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Coming soon...

JDBIF algorithm indicates strong movement coming to BTC price really soon... Let's keep watching!
UTC/GMT time 2:25 12 May Sunday.

Friday, May 10, 2013

We expect, that this message doesn't mean we got totally robbed:

"The systems Vircurex.com and Cryptostocks.com have been taken offline over the weekend 

Please do not deposit any further coins to your Vircurex accounts. We must assume that the wallet has been compromised."

Very easy to say "we got hacked" and steal all our funds...

Let's wait Monday and good news. Best Regards.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1st Target 07 May 2013

BTC price found support at US$ 100,00 and 1st target now is US$150,00.

EDIT: Post Time: 21:00 UTC Time at 07 May 2013, with BTC price at US$ 105,00.

Monday, May 6, 2013

just a flash of our algorithm working:

(102 pages, 5063 results)
2013/05/06 09:42:01Out0.41998802 BTC0.00000000 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844121336041] 0.41998802 BTC at $124.00000
2013/05/06 09:41:59Out0.70000000 BTC0.41998802 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844119572276] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.00000
2013/05/06 09:41:58Out0.70000000 BTC1.11998802 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844118738046] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.00000
2013/05/06 09:41:58Out0.08673144 BTC1.81998802 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844118308261] 0.08673144 BTC at $124.01000
2013/05/06 09:41:56Out0.70000000 BTC1.90671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844116768026] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.00000
2013/05/06 09:41:54Out0.70000000 BTC2.60671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844114685988] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.00000
2013/05/06 09:41:36Out0.70000000 BTC3.30671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844096296547] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.08000
2013/05/06 09:41:36Out0.70000000 BTC4.00671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844096272431] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.07000
2013/05/06 09:41:36Out0.70000000 BTC4.70671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844096249224] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.06000
2013/05/06 09:41:36Out0.70000000 BTC5.40671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844096226221] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.05000
2013/05/06 09:41:36Out0.17477067 BTC6.10671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844096149237] 0.17477067 BTC at $124.04000
2013/05/06 09:41:29Out0.52522933 BTC6.28149013 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844089402399] 0.52522933 BTC at $124.04000
2013/05/06 09:41:29Out0.70000000 BTC6.80671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844089380608] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.03000
2013/05/06 09:41:29Out0.62000000 BTC7.50671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844089348044] 0.62000000 BTC at $124.02000
2013/05/06 09:41:29Out0.70000000 BTC8.12671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844089271989] 0.70000000 BTC at $124.01000
2013/05/06 09:41:22Out0.08000000 BTC8.82671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367844082520438] 0.08000000 BTC at $124.02000
2013/05/06 09:31:19Out1.00000000 BTC8.90671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367843479666816] 1.00000000 BTC at $123.85000
2013/05/06 09:31:19Out1.00000000 BTC9.90671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367843479619667] 1.00000000 BTC at $123.80000
2013/05/06 08:59:53Out1.00000000 BTC10.90671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367841593700743] 1.00000000 BTC at $123.70000
2013/05/06 08:59:53Out0.96743549 BTC11.90671946 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367841593677039] 0.96743549 BTC at $123.70000
2013/05/06 08:59:53Out1.00000000 BTC12.87415495 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367841593653529] 1.00000000 BTC at $123.60000
2013/05/06 08:59:53Out1.00000000 BTC13.87415495 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367841593579487] 1.00000000 BTC at $123.50000
2013/05/06 08:59:53Out3.00000000 BTC14.87415495 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367841593393721] 3.00000000 BTC at $123.40000
2013/05/06 08:59:53Out0.41391962 BTC17.87415495 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367841593369310] 0.41391962 BTC at $123.40000
2013/05/06 08:59:53Out2.96747905 BTC18.28807457 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367841593341809] 2.96747905 BTC at $123.38000
2013/05/06 08:59:30Out0.03252095 BTC21.25555362 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367841570104841] 0.03252095 BTC at $123.38000
2013/05/06 08:47:26Out0.08246739 BTC21.28807457 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840846131045] 0.08246739 BTC at $123.28000
2013/05/06 08:47:10Out2.58608038 BTC21.37054196 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840830521381] 2.58608038 BTC at $123.40000
2013/05/06 08:47:10Out1.00000000 BTC23.95662234 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840830493633] 1.00000000 BTC at $123.40000
2013/05/06 08:46:46Out3.00000000 BTC24.95662234 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840806065808] 3.00000000 BTC at $123.00000
2013/05/06 08:46:19Out1.67491543 BTC27.95662234 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840779406481] 1.67491543 BTC at $123.00000
2013/05/06 08:46:19Out0.20000000 BTC29.63153777 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840779379198] 0.20000000 BTC at $123.00000
2013/05/06 08:46:19Out8.12508457 BTC29.83153777 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840779241195] 8.12508457 BTC at $123.00000
2013/05/06 08:46:05Out1.38721543 BTC37.95662234 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840765068821] 1.38721543 BTC at $123.00000
2013/05/06 08:46:05Out0.01000000 BTC39.34383777 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840765027103] 0.01000000 BTC at $123.00000
2013/05/06 08:46:04Out0.02000000 BTC39.35383777 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840764989445] 0.02000000 BTC at $123.30000
2013/05/06 08:46:04Out0.15232000 BTC39.37383777 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840764950667] 0.15232000 BTC at $123.37999
2013/05/06 08:46:04Out18.43046457 BTC39.52615777 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840764727163] 18.43046457 BTC at $123.38001
2013/05/06 08:44:49Out0.03256451 BTC57.95662234 BTC
BTC sold: [tid:1367840689343368] 0.03256451 BTC at $123.70000
2013/05/05 15:19:37Fee0.09058803 BTC57.98918685 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777977522408] 19.69304961 BTC at $117.90000 (0.46% fee)
2013/05/05 15:19:37In19.69304961 BTC58.07977488 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777977522408] 19.69304961 BTC at $117.90000
2013/05/05 15:19:37Fee0.00129647 BTC38.38672527 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777977450829] 0.28184072 BTC at $117.89999 (0.46% fee)
2013/05/05 15:19:37In0.28184072 BTC38.38802174 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777977450829] 0.28184072 BTC at $117.89999
2013/05/05 15:10:10Fee0.04269849 BTC38.10618102 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777410032885] 9.28227950 BTC at $116.10000 (0.46% fee)
2013/05/05 15:10:10In9.28227950 BTC38.14887951 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777410032885] 9.28227950 BTC at $116.10000
2013/05/05 15:09:32Fee0.02319397 BTC28.86660001 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777372198346] 5.04216659 BTC at $117.00000 (0.46% fee)
2013/05/05 15:09:32In5.04216659 BTC28.88979398 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777372198346] 5.04216659 BTC at $117.00000
2013/05/05 15:09:32Fee0.04600000 BTC23.84762739 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777372170998] 10.00000000 BTC at $117.00000 (0.46% fee)
2013/05/05 15:09:32In10.00000000 BTC23.89362739 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777372170998] 10.00000000 BTC at $117.00000
2013/05/05 15:09:32Fee0.00117039 BTC13.89362739 BTC
BTC bought: [tid:1367777372140218] 0.25443351 BTC at $117.00000 (0.46% fee)
(102 pages, 5063 results)


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