Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New prediction and new time schedule for JDBIF !

After JDBIF predicted the bottom at US$50 and a raise up back to US$ 200, BTC price made 85% of this predicted run (hitting US$ 170) and lost bull force since then.
The also predicted US$ 120 pullback (where BTC touched the US$ 150 level after hitting US$ 120) now is turning into a bearish signal, with US$ 94.00 as first target, and US$ 20 range as second one.
Until BTC raises again or stabilizes, the JDBIF raise on shares will be delayed since we are mostly with US$ positions right now, waiting for the bottom, like our investor angels. We thanks for your understanding under this unexpected market conditions. Our algorithm points one or two weeks to this time delay. This will give a last chance to new investors to invest with us. Don't miss it!

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