Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trade Report 8.0

Fast Trade at JPY/USD1Minute and a Half with 2 BTC X 200 : 18% profit 0.36 BTC:

Trade Report 7.0

JDBIF opening a Sell Position at JPN/USD 1 BTC x 200 leverage:

3 minutes after:

Trade Report 6.0

JDBIF opened a set of trades at nearly all currencys and commodities.
Check it out: 1 BTC each one (max leverage)

Impressive results in minutes!
All trades closed in less than 10 minutes with 20-60% profit except one stop loss hit.

Trade Report 5.0

BTC price found resistance at US$ 110 level.
JDBIF opened a sell position of 6.64 BTC x 5 leverage:

Position is profiting quickly:

This is where our stop profit trigger get activated. Total profit on this trade: 1.36 BTC (+20.48%)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trade Report 04.0

Opening Long Position at BTC/US$ Market
Last charts suggests a upmovement coming in many indicators, and we should test the 97 - 100 resistance range again, probably with a false disrupt to up to US$ 100, where we gonna invert our position, if things goes this way.
(BTC Average Markets Chart)

BBs still thin, so movement is expected. The EMAs are the supports now:

Opening Position:

Trade Report 3.1
Target Reached BTC US$ 94
BTC Sell 8BTC Position Closed
+5% 0.4 BTC profit

Friday, July 26, 2013

More than 50% up on DVC value!

Position Report 01.1 - DVCs
Our position on DVCs just raised up in BTC value more than 50% last days. Check it out!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trade Report 03 - Sell Position on BTC/USD - 8 BTC x 5 leverage (40 BTCs)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Position Report 01 - Long Term Trades 01 - DVCs

Position Report 01 - Long Term Trades 01 - DVCs
We currently hold more than 20.000.000 DVCs, valued today at around 10 BTCs. This investment is filling a position of 5% on our portfolio. DVCs is being negotiated today on a price more than 10x times lower than the historical top. If price drops more we gonna increase our buys of DVCs until a 10% limit of our portfolio. We see this cryptocoin position as one of our best investments here at JDBIF.

Trade Report 02 - Sell Position Open JPN/USD - 5.00 BTC x 100 leverage
Trade on the run - Actual profit 0.6 BTC up +12%
Trade closing with 0.9 BTC up + 18%

Trade Report 001 - Bull Trade Open at Apple Inc. - 10.77 BTC on trade.

Stop Loss activated -5% -0.5 btc

0.75 Dividend every weekay / Launch of Bitcoin Day by Day

After several days of a forced vacation, JDBIF finally have found a new and safe physical location.
We really wanna thank you all who send support e-mails to us about this unexpected event.
Our trading activity have reached a good profit point so we are raising dividends to 0.75 BTC per day.
We are also starting our new level of transparency, following our schedule. Our current goal is to attend the Bitcoin Convention at 2014.
From now we gonna public all our trades and positions but not only this: 
We are releasing our daily vision of BTC market at to everyone!
And soon this service will generate extra dividends to JDBIF shareholders. Stay tuned!

Our reports will be of 3 types:
Trades or positions on 1broker:

Trades or positions on MtGox:

Trades or positions on Vircurex:


JDBIF - Joker Dragon BTC Investment Fund

An agressive investor team and their BTC trading system offer to the world. Reach us at: