Wednesday, July 24, 2013

0.75 Dividend every weekay / Launch of Bitcoin Day by Day

After several days of a forced vacation, JDBIF finally have found a new and safe physical location.
We really wanna thank you all who send support e-mails to us about this unexpected event.
Our trading activity have reached a good profit point so we are raising dividends to 0.75 BTC per day.
We are also starting our new level of transparency, following our schedule. Our current goal is to attend the Bitcoin Convention at 2014.
From now we gonna public all our trades and positions but not only this: 
We are releasing our daily vision of BTC market at to everyone!
And soon this service will generate extra dividends to JDBIF shareholders. Stay tuned!

Our reports will be of 3 types:
Trades or positions on 1broker:

Trades or positions on MtGox:

Trades or positions on Vircurex:

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