Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Long Term Trade 1.0 - JDBIF rebuys max 50.000 shares until 2014

JDBIF made several studies to enter this 1st long term trade.

JDBIF now holds a strong position on DVC coins.

 JDBIF expects to see shares value attached to DVC value and right now we have buy orders covered all the region 0.0000 0020 - 0.0000 0050 at DVC order book, and no better profit can be achieved until 2014 on any other investment according our final results on chart studies. DVC coin have a historical top on 0.0000 0600 BTCs what its more than 12 x the actual value of 0.0000 0048 (check actual value on Vircurex).
This DVC position is expected to profit up to 1000% until this same date on 2014.  This will happen at same time BTC price will hit more than US$1.000. Precise targets will be soon released here.

10 BTC was left on 1broker to trade currency pairs as usual.

1 BTC sporadic dividens and a max of 50.000 shares rebuys to increase value to our shareholders are schedule for this year and next.
Also the frequency of dividends payments and shares rebuys will also influence the JDBIF shares value and we will continue to do our best to make it as frequent as possible.

Check now the BTC up trend on the week chart, and our trades:

Even with the drop from US$ 250 to US$ 50 BTC price never lost the uptrend status on weekly period.

Check our last trades on this 2 weeks:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We have seen a huge buzz around Bitcoin on last years. But no one is sure if Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency for a global use.
Many others alternative cryptocurrencys are around fighting with Bitcoin for a place on the sun. Interesting to note, when Bitcoin raise huge, other coins raise too. The most possible cause is the sucess of cryptocurrencys being measured on overall. Instead of people seeling alternative crytpocoins to get the best Bitcoin/USD value, people look at this alternative coins as a real option to Bitcoin at long term.
One of the most proeminent alternativa cryptocoins is Devcoin (DVC). It is negotiate at and with 1 BTC any one can buy 2 millions of DVC today. (20/07/2013). It have a nice idea behind the coin, it rewards developers and also film producers engaged with the coin. So JDBIF moved near "all in" into DVC on last months. The price is 10x times lower from the historical top, and we expected to profit huge for all our shareholders with our first long-term trade. This position will be with us at least for one year, and our expectations are not low for this trade.
We also understand the JDBIF shares value will be a bit attached to DVC value from now. Our algorithm points to a strong upside on BTC price (+US$1.000) so we found this long term trade is the best way to profit this next movement.
We left 1BTC at 1broker trading currency pairs (EUR,JPN,CHF, etc..) and sporadic 1BTC dividends are expected at every good trade JDBIF does.
Invest with JDBIF and raise your BTCs bankroll with the best opportunities on market.

Trade Report 11.0

Spetacular Trade at EUR/USD last week:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trade Report 10.0

4 Simultaneous Trades: USD/JPN, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBR/USD.
1.6 BTC x 200 leverage each one:

Good result on JPN/USD. Trades stills open. Note the stop profit adjusts comparing the pictures.

Trade Report 9.0

Long EUR/USD +11% 0.25 BTC
Short USD/CHF +25% 0.5 BTC


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