Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I hope this info helps some one.
    Today BTC just droped more than 50% on only 6 hours as you can see on this chart. Many people now are in panic, selling their investments without any rational thinking or any tool to conduct them to a best decision. Here at JDBIF, we are so impressed with the algorithm power and predicitions. So we wanna share the last short term prediction from JDBIF 7.7. Remember, nothing is unfailable, but right now, BTC is 175, and JDIBF predicts a full regeneration to 250 US$ level, very very soon. You can check the date and time of this post, and tell me if JDBIF can help you to invest better. Don't fight with Mt.Gox. Invest with us and relax. JDBIF, the best algorithm on BTC market.

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