Saturday, October 12, 2013

BTC price abouts to rocket up to 1800,00 US$

BTC price abouts to rocket up to 1800,00 US$

Looking at the chart we saw BTC price doing the classic pre-pullback of a strong upside movemnt.
The target for this movement is US$ 1800,00 on the end of the wave 3. The wave 3 is the most classical movement of technical analisys on the market. It is considered to be the most safe wave to "surf" expecting good profits. JDBIF is not even full positioned to "surf" this way, but also to "surf" it exponentially, holding a big bunch of DVCs coins which will also multiple in BTC value.  Also note the small bollinger bands also predicting a big movement coming up.
JDBIF - Your best opportunity on the BTC market now. Growing huge with safety.

See below, how this movement already began on DVC value and also how this is predicting the arise of BTC value in US$.


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  2. do you mean 1,800 or 18,000



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