Monday, November 11, 2013

After JDBIF hiting the timing on BTC market, Hong Kong officially invest with us.

After a hard week of endless negotiations, and BTC price confirmations, JDBIF and FHKG finally celebrates the most new joint venture on the BTC market.
All details now are ready and a new release of JDBIF shares is released.

Now, everyone can invest at the same price of our partners, and enjoy the benefits at the same level with them. Run for the BTC bunchs, early investors get better prices as usual, but now its the last release for next 365 days, it is part of the contract.
So don't miss this last chance of investing on a 3rd degree exponential wave with the most agreesive and profitable trader team of the BTC market: The JokerDragon Team.
JDBIF have 2.000.000 shares issued (*20% of Total Shares). 262.000 are on market already. New bunch is 1.000.000. 500.000 shares, 0.000020 is the cheaper price. The 300.000, at 0.00050. And 150.000, at 0.00070. Last 50.000, at 0.00100. Enjoy.

*JDBIF is forbidden to release new shares on next 365 days.

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