Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Answering a shareholder

Hi, Help me understand why you diluted the stockholders shares and prices are down? Now you have increased the amount of shares by 200%, and price is cut by 1/10. Do you understand why this is bad for everyone?
Dear Costumer, We sure understand what stockholders want, and we appreciate your trust on our project at this point, since we still receiving investments for our big trade plan idea. Soon the fund will be closed and probably the results in dividends will throw the shares price to the top, but things happens at the right moment.
To make this began, JDBIF did an entry point first. Lowering the entry point, raising the final profit. For everyone.
The shares are offered at this price to provide an excelent entry point to our big new investor and partner. The offering is public so everyone can invest at the same price as them.
We will raise back the shares value to more than the original price to magnify profits for everyone, we always stated very clear that JDBIF is a long run term investment.
If you doesn't have urgency to sell your btcs, relax and stay cool, you seated at the biggest rocket ever made with a financial fund. Patience will be rewarded and time will tell the truth.
Waves we will surf exponentialy (reinvesting profits on next wave):
1st wave ----> BTC raise predicted at US$ 150,00 target US$ 1800,00 [we surfing this one right now] (+1200%)
2nd wave ----> DVC at 0.0000 0020 is going to 0.0000 0600 or more. (+30000%)
3rd wave -----> JDBIF shares will raise from 0.00002 to at least 0.1 BTC/share. (+5000000%)

You have the total % profit multipling the 3 waves values.

Thats our business plan for 2014.
Dividends are restablished and raising when possible.

If you have any other doubts about JDBIF, feel free to ask our team.
Best Regards, Thanks for Investing with Us.

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