Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Good News to Shareholders: Dividends will be resumed at 02/17/2014. Rebuy shares program will be re-activated at 02/17/2014. JDBIF Algorithm detects 3 more profitable altcoins.

JDBIF Good News to Shareholders:
Dividends will be resumed at 02/17/2014.*
Rebuy shares program will be re-activated at 02/17/2014.**
JDBIF algorithm detected a strong altcoin opportunity and is trading with 3 more altcoins, all in strong bullish mode, with expected return up to 1000% on each one.

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JDBIF, the best info on BTC market.

* - JDBIF is a long term investment, and the dividends program will NOT reflect yet all the profits achieved by the JDBIF algorithm. Our main goal is to raise shares value up to the original launch value until 2015.
** - Due to our last recent "hits"(correct predictions), we received a lot of attention and emails, so we must remind everyone that: We are not a crystal ball. We are proud of the results achieved with years of development throwed in JDBIF 7.7 Algorithm. Yes, we are specially proud of this 2 posts:
(not to mention the DVC forecasts)

Our JDBIF algorithm really shines and give us a lot of correct results BUT it fails too. It is pure math, and any market it not only pure math. It is subject to unpredictable turnarounds and undesirable conditions. The rebuy shares program will be activated and also deactivated due to several unpredictable market conditions, and the last bunch of JDBIF shares (500.000) also stills on orderbook to sell at 0.00007

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