Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 - Important JDBIF Info

We must keep our btc profits at btc form until btc reach peak, aspointed out by our algorithm to maximize profit to our shareholders,instead of paying imediat huge dividends and losing the 50% remainingbtc rally. After this big sell we will rebuy a max number of btcs at anew bottom, when finally a huge dividend will be payed to allshareholders.Hope you remember that JDBIF is pointed to a max profit on long term.Until that day, sporadic small dividends and raising shares valueprograms are expected due to 1broker trades at markets and the newforecast service, which will be soon a payed service.At 2013, we saw funds broke at cryptostocks due to inability to trade altcoins and others launching promising to burn all possible weed. Take care and seek for fails on announces to avoid being scammed. Our fund payed out 90+ Btc in dividends forms and also public predicted btc and dvc rally. And now when hole market is afraid of btc "bubble", JDBIF sustain the theory that current uptrend it is not exausted. Check our forecasts at and current btc price to see "who is right"Have a new happy year!JDBIF - Trust the right info.

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